I need to put a "contact" form here, and may one day, but until then, I'm sure you can figure out my email address by my SysOp name / handle and the site domain.

If you or your company wants to have materials removed, no problem. These requests I'll jump on quickly.

Have a story to tell? I'd love to hear it! When I fully re-do the site, and with your permission, I'd like to share these. However, I'm not inclined to put open comment because of how that (usually) abused.

I want to put WordPress back up as the front-end of the site as I had before, but that meant you had to click "Enter the Archive" to get to the files. It seems that some couldn't figure that part out. One reason I have not been in a rush to re-do the site is because I like the archive base folders showing up on the home page. (Still pondering...)

If you have materials you wish to contribute, contact me. I have had two people pass through town (South-east United States) and we enjoyed a glass a tea in town and talked about old computers and they left some content to be added.

I'm not looking for software, so much, even though I have quite a bit to post myself (lower priority), and really don't need hardware, feel free to contact me about these. I might be able to help, whether I am able to use them myself or might be able to provide suggestions on what to do with them.

Well, I'll sign off for now,

TheComputerArchive.com SysOp: Thumper